Training for Brain Bears Distributors

brain bears training

Training for Brain Bears Distributors

Congratulations for joining Brain Abundance and trying out either Brain Bears or Brain Fuel Plus!

Brain Abundance, the creator of Brain Bears and Brain Fuel Plus, is a solid, debt-free network marketing company with over 20,000 distributors in over 100+ countries.

They offer one of the highest compensation plans in the industry at 75%. They pay not only weekly, but also monthly residual income.

It’s okay if you are just trying out the products. They are powerful, effective and all natural with no harmful drugs, chemicals or preservatives.

I have been taking Brain Fuel Plus for over 2.5 years and am always welcoming new members to Brain Abundance because I believe in their products so much!

For Independent Business Owners, “IBO’s”

For those of you who have become IBO’s in Brain Abundance, you now have the ability to promote the products and receive commissions. You are officially a home-based business owner!

You have been given your own personal links to promote Brain Abundance and get paid.

A lot of you are new to network marketing and direct selling. I want to tell you that you don’t need to be pushy like a salesman to make it big in this business. This product is so good that people will come to you. When they do it’s important to speak about your business in an effective manner without seeming “desperate” for anyone to join your business.

Below I have outlined some powerful ways of talking about your business. Be patient. Not everyone is going to join your business. In fact, you don’t want everyone in your business. You only need a handful of strong, leader-type people in your business to make it big!


A simple system is needed for everyone to implement. The easier the system, the more people will duplicate it and your business will grow faster.

The Very Simple Duplication System for Brain Abundance

  1. List: Identify Prospects. Offline and Online. (Pick two methods and stay with them.)
  2. Shoot short videos on Youtube about yourself and problems people face and provide solutions, then your link to Brain Abundance.
  3. Flyers for Offline, good flyer title:

“Need Additional Income without the Additional Boss?”

Then your Capture Page Link. (I only use the ( capture page located in your “My Website” tab.

You can find your personal website and capture pages by logging back in as a “Member Login” here:

Then, go to “My Website Address” to grab one of your choice.

  1. Social Media: Provide value with content and success quotes. Don’t spam or mention Brain Abundance, lead them to your blog or BA capture page.

Like this:

“Looking for Global Entrepreneurs:” (This is my link.)

You can shorten your links using a service like Bitly or TinyURL.


  • Blog: Create an “authority site” in your name, like Start blogging and introduce yourself to the world.


  • Make a list of 10 people you know and would love to work with and show them the opportunity. (Don’t take any rejection personally. If they say no, it’s just not the right time for them.)


  •  Prospect:


“Do you know anyone who is looking for extra income?”


“I’ve started a new business and I’m looking for some partners. I’d love to work with you. Are you open to other business ventures?


“I respect the way you do business. Would you be open to a side project?”

  1.     Exposure: Show People “The Tools.”

Use Your www.(username) capture page.

  1.     Follow-Up:

Set a time to follow-up, ideally 15 minutes after sending video. Determine their interest by asking “What did you like MOST about it?”

If they respond positively, say:

“Sounds to me like you’re ready to join.”

Then be quiet, no matter how long or uncomfortable. (Have confidence, but not cocky.) Let them speak next.

  1.     Close:

Answer their questions.

If you don’t know the answer, email me or call me.


Help them make a decision and sign them up by leading them back to the upgrade link in the Brain Abundance email they received or have them log back in as a “Pre-enrollee Log-in” HERE.


That’s it! This is an easy duplicatable system. The simpler it is the faster your team will grow. Share this with your new personal IBO’s.