Can Sensoril Help ADHD in Children?

Can Sensoril Help ADHD in Children

Can Sensoril Help ADHD in Children?

Sensoril comes from the plant, Ashwagandha, more commonly known as Indian Ginseng or Winter Berry, which has been used for thousands of years as a traditional herbal medicine. Ashwagandha, a plant in the nightshade family, occurs naturally in the Middle East, parts of Africa, and even India. In the past, it has been used for mood enhancement, fatigue, stress, inflammation, the heart, and even cognitive dysfunction.

How Can Sensoril Help You

In recent years Sensoril has been used as a dietary supplement primarily for the purpose of stress relief, weight loss, improving your mood, and reducing depression. According to research, Sensoril can help you reduce stress, anxiety, and become less irritable.

It even has the ability to increase your focus and help you if you have trouble sleeping. Some people have asked the question: can Sensoril help kids with ADHD?

Sensoril for ADHD? Yes or No?

Research shows that Sensoril has a calming effect, and that’s why it is effective for so many people! This calming effect can also help with hyperactivity in children.

Sensoril also helps to decrease stress and anxiety because the hypothalamus is calmed by the supplement.

If you try to practice breathing exercises in combination with taking Sensoril, you benefit even more than the average person who takes Sensoril by itself. Research also suggests that Sensoril can reduce impulsivity for children with ADHD.

This makes sense to us since Sensoril can also help balance hormones.

Teenagers with raging hormones may find this supplement to not only reduce their stress but also to help control impulsivity and help with hormonal imbalance.

This supplement can help children focus and pay attention in school too.

As we know, ADHD can cause children to lose their focus in school. Ashwagandha, the active ingredient in Sensoril, can help you or your child clear that “fog-like” feeling in your brain and your muddied thoughts.

One study showed that Ashwagandha can help boys and men with cognitive and psychomotor performance, which are both critical to doing well in school or at work if you have ADHD.

A Great Option for Men, Women, and Children

Many parents with good reason may be worried about putting their child with ADHD on a strong psychotropic medicine.

Although Sensoril, may or may not provide the effects you are looking for, we believe it is worth a try.

Here’s why:

Side effects of commonly prescribed medicines for children with ADHD can produce side effect worse than the ADHD itself!

If you take Sensoril, the most common side effect you are likely to experience is an upset stomach which will probably pass quickly.

Researchers say that Sensoril is safe for men, women, and children alike, but of course, you should still discuss taking Sensoril with your doctor or other health care provider.  

The standard recommended dose is usually 125mg once or twice a day, and it can be taken by most people daily without issue or side effects.

One other thing you should know about the active ingredient Ashwagandha is that it contains a large amount of iron, so if you have hemochromatosis this might not be the best option for you.

Wide Variety of Uses

We know for certain that the active ingredient in Sensoril has many and varied uses, however, more research is needed to prove the benefits of Sensoril for children with ADHD.

Taking Sensoril is also shown to be more effective if you take Sensoril combined with GABA, valerian root, L-Theanine, and other herbal medicines.

If you are hesitant to give your child a standard medicine that is given out by doctors for ADHD, Sensoril may be an option for you and or your child.

Reducing stress, increasing energy, helping with concentration, improving sleep, and better heart function are benefits of Sensoril that are supported by the results of a double-blind study controlled by a placebo.

With further research, we can learn more about how Sensoril and the ability to assist children with ADHD through the use of this medicine.

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