DMAE May Help Hyperactivity in Children

DMAE May Help Hyperactivity in Children

DMAE May Help Hyperactivity in Children

DMAE Bitartrate, a shorter way to say dimethylaminoethanol is an excellent way to get mental nutrients. Here’s why DMAE May Help Hyperactivity in Children.

DMAE can improve brain function, which is why many people like to eat foods that have DMAE or take DMAE supplements or DMAE pills. According to some studies, it may also decrease hyperactivity in children!

Where to Find DMAE?

DMAE might be a little difficult to find in your favorite foods unless you fancy anchovies on your pizza or a salmon dinner! If you are a fish eater, you’re in luck because sardines contain DMAE too!

Since anchovies, sardines, and salmon are not popular foods many people choose to take DMAE Bitartrate in a pill form. DMAE even in pill form is considered a nutritional supplement.

It’s much better to take DMAE Bitartrate as a natural way to help boost your brain activity than other options! But, if fishy foods and or taking DMAE in pill or tablet form doesn’t sound good to you, try cooking and eating foods with Worcestershire sauce.  You can sometimes get DMAE from Worcestershire sauce because it contains anchovies.


Did you know that DMAE is good for people who have memory problems, but scientists and doctors also believe that it can help children who struggle with ADHD too, which is great news! 

Not only can your grandfather who has memory issues take DMAE, but it can also help you or your kids focus better in school and at work.

DMAE also has the possibility to assist kids and people of all ages with behavioral tasks and controlling anxiety behaviors. It also can help people focus on daily activities without forgetting important steps or tasks.

DMAE May Help Kids with ADHD!

If you are a kid or an adult with ADHD, taking DMAE might be the best option for you because it can also help you to complete chores and keep a routine.

If you have ADHD you know that establishing a routine can be very important for you, because it can help you to become less distracted.

You can take DMAE for example instead of Ritalin, one of the most common medicines for ADHD! Although DMAE can have some side effects, the side effects of medicines like Ritalin can be a lot worse! One study’s results even showed that DMAE was more beneficial than taking Ritalin!

DMAE and The Brain

Do you ever feel like you cannot control your thoughts? Or do you feel like “you just have to move?

DMAE can help you reduce those thoughts and feelings of needing to move. It can help you to eliminate that “fog” in your head.

Your fog-like feeling can go away because DMAE helps bring oxygen to the brain, which it needs. Then you can think more clearly, and not feel the need to move too! DMAE is needed to increase even your ability to learn!

This can happen because DMAE stimulates brain activity, especially when you are trying to learn something new. DMAE can give you a hand on your “blue days” too because it can help you feel less anxious, worried, or depressed. DMAE can ease your moodiness too since it helps you regain control of your emotions!

DMAE actually increases the presence of a neurotransmitter in the brain called acetylcholine. If you don’t have enough acetylcholine in the brain, you might not be able to focus on your homework or jobs around the house.

Acetylcholine sends messages to the parts of your brain that help you pay attention, control behaviors, and follow directions.

That’s just one of the reasons why scientists, researchers, and doctors believe that DMAE may help kids that feel less hyperactive.  Moms says that their kids who try DMAE have better control of their behaviors and better memory too!

It might take a little while for DMAE to make changes in your behavior or memory. DMAE works slowly. As you have more DMAE in your body you will begin to see changes. So, don’t worry, if you don’t see changes in the first few weeks!

Is DMAE the Best Option for You?

Think about DMAE and why it can help you. Talk to your doctor, your parents, and other medical professionals about DMAE. Then, make a decision.

It is also important to know that researchers do not yet have enough evidence to prove that DMAE helps decrease hyperactivity.

Many people, however, who have tried taking DMAE or whose children have tried DMAE tell us that it has helped them or their children to feel less hyperactive, increase memory, and boost performance in school.

It’s a fantastic option to treat ADHD, especially for kids, instead of Adderall or Ritalin. If you want to feel more in control of you, your thoughts, and your body try DMAE Bitartrate. Why not? You have nothing to lose!


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