Drug Free PTSD Healing

I’ve been escaping into addictions for as long as I can remember. I started autistic rocking back and forth while watching TV when I was 8; discovered Hard Rock music when I was 12; discovered the magical buzz qualities of alcohol when I was 17, etc.

These coping mechanisms of mine were innocently viewed as things that made me feel good – I had no idea I was soothing myself from past trauma.

My father was very strict while I was growing up, and his spanking was very hard. I was confused because one minute he’s dancing with me in the living room to the Bee Gees, and the next he is shaking with rage.

Who knows – I probably have other traumas I will further reveal with the work I’m about to share with you!

Most of us want to push down these bad feelings and emotions as they emerge, but in fact, we need to feel these emotions one more time to fully release them.

We also want help so badly that we listen to whatever doctors tell us, and take whatever they prescribe. In fact, most medication doesn’t work, creates side-effects, or is merely a band-aid for old wounds.

There is a reason those old feelings, emotions, and memories are trying to re-emerge: They are like little bits of our inner-child crying out to us for help. We usually don’t listen, and instead with throw up another coping mechanism.

There is complete freedom in bringing back those fragments and loving them unconditionally. Although this journey will be uncomfortable, the end result is you get your complete life back – to experience joy, happiness, and have amazing energy again – to live anxiety, depression, and PTSD free without drugs.

The Process of healing is called the Completion Process.

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