Mind, Body and Spirit – 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Child’s Success

3 simple ways to boost your child's success

Mind, Body and Spirit – 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Child’s Success – Tips for ADD

We all want the best for our children. There isn’t a generation of parents who have not spent time trying to improve their children’s lives,

and with all of the new information available on health and wellbeing available today, it’s never been easier to help our children succeed.

Overall wellbeing encompasses mind, body, and spirit and as a modern parent, there are studies that deal with every aspect of parenting that can help you guide and support your children in every aspect of their lives.

A well-balanced child becomes a well-balanced healthy and successful adult. Here are three simple strategies designed to help you support your children to help them pursue their dreams.

Support Their Spirit – If They Believe, They Will Succeed

The Little Train that Could is possibly still one of the most loved and read children’s books and with good reason.

The most popular children’s stories are often those that provide important life lessons based on truth. The truth is that believing you can achieve something is the first step towards success.

In a study conducted by Stanford University, Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology, proved that a belief mindset is one of the keys to success in children’s education.

But not just any belief. The belief that intelligence can be learned and skills can be acquired, rather than being innate characteristics.

Professor Dweck found that certain types of mindsets could seriously affect your child’s ability to succeed, to learn new skills, and to achieve better grades.

ADD symptoms in children

She took two groups of seventh grade students and had them attend two different workshops.

Both groups were taught about the brain and memory but one group was taught that learning, memory, and intelligence could be acquired through practice and learning.

The other group were taught specific learning strategies like mnemonics. After the workshop, the student’s grades were assessed and the results were amazing.

The children who were taught learning techniques did not improve substantially, but the students who were taught that intelligence can be acquired improved their grades and continued to improve.

What the study really shows is that it is often not the tools you give your children, but the beliefs you instill in them that can make the biggest difference.

If your children believe that intelligence can be learned and that skills can be acquired, they are far more likely to succeed. We are taught that “talented” people succeed but the Little Train that Could did not have talent. It had belief. It believed it could!

This study, along with countless others by Professor Dweck, shows that success has far less to do with talent than with the mindset that you can succeed.

Teaching your children that talent can be acquired, that they can learn to be smarter, and that they can achieve anything they set their mind to, is therefore possibly one of the most important tools you can give them to help them achieve success.

Support Their Body – A Healthy Body Supports a Healthy Mind

As adults, we know how important physical exercise is for supporting a healthy lifestyle. Yet as parents, more and more emphasis is being put on academic performance, often at the expense of physical exercise.

Could the alarming increase in ADHD and ADD be linked to the fact that children are spending less time engaged in physical activity and more time engaged at a desk studying? The short answer is, yes.

When you understand brain chemistry, then it becomes obvious that teaching your children to get sufficient exercise is vital for supporting their success in life.

The brain, like any other organ, is affected by the amount of exercise you get. When you exercise, the brain releases feel good hormones like dopamine.

These hormones are vital for providing your children with healthy self-images, for helping them regulate healthy moods, for allowing them to focus attention efficiently, and ultimately for helping them to achieve their goals.

Studies show that exercise supports learning, memory, and even improves the ability to plan and organize.

obesity in children

With the increase in obesity, ADD, ADHD, and other childhood related disorders, even the CDC have published a study that found that exercise was positively correlated to academic performance.

They found that exercise improved academic achievement, behavior, cognitive skills, and attitudes. In fact, exercise is so important that it is being seen as an “alternative” ADHD treatment option.

Teaching your child to love playtime, to run, to laugh, and to get enough exercise is therefore another vital tool in supporting your child’s success, and in ensuring your child gets the exercise needed to stay healthy and happy, both physically and mentally.

Support Their Mind – Nutrition for a Healthy Brain

Nutrition is most likely one of the hottest topics today when it comes to short and long term health and wellbeing.

Your children’s brains rely on you to provide it with the nutrition needed to support both healthy cognitive function and to ensure the physical structure of their brain remains healthy.

Today, nutrition includes ensuring your child has the necessary vitamins minerals and nutrients to ensure a healthy mind and body.

Nutrition also includes supplemental herbs that can help to boost your child’s abilities. In terms of nutrition, Vitamins B6, B12, Folic acid, and Rhodiola may be the most helpful supplements for supporting and promoting your child’s health and wellbeing.

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Vitamin B – Be Clever

It’s not surprising that the vitamin B complex, including vitamin B6 and B12, are top of the nutritional list for supporting your child’s ability to learn and to reason.

Brain cells are the basis of all cognitive function and healthy brain cells are vital for healthy brain function.

Vitamin B12 is essential for producing a healthy brain and nerve cells. The main function of the brain and nerve cells are to transmit signals to the rest of the body. These signals form the basis of learning, memory, reasoning, as well as overall function.

When you move, you use these signals, when you see, hear, remember and talk, your brain creates and transmits these signals. Every function relies on the healthy functioning of these signals.

Each cell involved in the transmissions requires a special coating called the myelin sheath, and this sheath is vital for protecting the nerve and brain cells and for promoting healthy signal transmissions.

vitamin B12 for children

Vitamin B6 is essential for the production of the hormones necessary to ensure optimal mental health and therefore to support physical health.

Vitamin B6 is essential for producing serotonin, GABA, and dopamine, the three hormones that are vital for supporting your child’s mental well-being.

Although these nutrients are vital for supporting your children, ensuring they get sufficient may be more of a challenge.

The highest natural sources of vitamins B6 and B12 are fatty fish, but unfortunately, fatty fish are not what they used to be nutritionally and they are often not high on the list of children’s friendly foods either.

Techniques in fishing and farming and over fishing, all affect the quality of the fatty fish and produce we get these days, and since the body requires at least 1mg of vitamin B6, 2.4mcg of vitamin B12 and 400-600mcg of folic acid daily, trying to source sufficient for your children through natural daily dietary sources is impractical.

Getting your child to eat enough sufficient salmon or tuna may be nearly impossible. A good vitamin B complex supplement is a far more practical and reliable way to ensure your child’s brain gets the nutritional support needed to succeed.

For children with deficit disorders like ADHD and ADD, vitamin B12 may offer added support.

A vitamin B12 deficiency is believed to be a contributing factor for developing ADHD. Vitamin B12 may also be effective for treating some of the symptoms of ADHD, like depression. 

Some scientists believe that vitamin B12 is crucial for the treatment of ADHD because B12 is vital for supporting attention and focus.

Whether you are treating ADHD or supporting healthy brain and cognitive ability in your children, supporting them nutritionally and teaching them about the importance of nutrition and supplements should be a priority.

Folic Acid

Parenting sometimes begins before birth and in terms of nutritional support, this is especially true for folic acid. Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, is another vital nutrient that your child needs for health.

Folic acid supplementation can help you to support and boost your child’s brain power and chances of success.

Pregnant women need to ensure healthy folic acid intake to support the development of their babies and to reduce the risks of developing ADHD later in life. 

However, folic acid supplementation should not stop at birth. It should not be surprising that supplementation with folic acid is helpful for treating some of the symptoms associated with ADHD.

Folic acid plays vital roles when it comes to supporting and promoting healthy brain development and function for all ages.

Like vitamins B12 and B6, folic acid is essential for the production of the hormones that support emotional wellbeing.

Your child’s body uses folate to produce the molecules necessary for the chemical messengers used by the brain. Folic acid is therefore vital for mental and emotional wellbeing.

Rhodiola for children


Herbs are often overlooked or discounted as part of a nutritional strategy for health but herbal extracts can be extremely helpful in promoting optimal health in you and your children.

Rhodiola, the subject of studies for over thirty-five years, is an adaptogenic herb that can give your child the edge when it comes to coping with life and achieving success.

Let’s face it, the stresses of modern life are not limited to us as parents, but filter down to our children. The stress on a child today is immense and probably higher than ever before.

The pressure to fit in, the pressure to perform, and the physical stresses of modern life like increased toxins and pollution may all take a toll on the mental and physical health of your child.

Rhodiola, as an adaptogenic herb, can help the body cope with stress. Rhodiola has been found to improve sleep, mood, and focus, three areas that are vital if you want your child to thrive.

Rhodiola may also improve exercise performance, and Rhodiola was found to boost physical endurance. 

Now you may not think that boosting energy and endurance is a good thing, especially if your child is throwing a tantrum, but the truth is that emotional endurance, physical endurance, and coping with stress are probably some of the most important aspects for helping your child to succeed.

ADD in kids

Mind, Body, and Spirit – Your Children Rely on You

When it comes to our children, we only want the best and these three strategies offer you three simple, practical ways to support your children, both mentally and physically.

Give your children the tools required to succeed in life. Teach them to believe in themselves and that they can learn to be smarter, healthier, and better.

Have fun with them; make exercise a family priority and support a healthy body.

Finally, make sure your children get the vital nutrients necessary and the herbal support that can help them make a difference in this world.

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