SlimRoast Optimum with Dynamine – What is Dynamine?

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Slimming coffee is a hot trend that doesn’t appear to be cooling off anytime soon. With everyone in the market for an energy supplement that won’t pack on the pounds, the appeal of an energetic coffee that actually helps to combat weight gain and assist in losing pounds is very strong. With the new SlimRoast Optimum formula including the powerful ingredient dynamine, Valentus is aiming to change how people all over the world approach weight loss and energy supplements.

What is SlimRoast Optimum?

SlimRoast Optimum is the great new formula of slimming coffee taking the network marketing world by storm. The coffee offers renewed energy that is sustainable and lasting while also helping you to manage your weight. This new formula is the best yet and will continue to grow in popularity when more and more people see the amazing benefits it has to offer.

Taking your weight loss and maintenance to another level, SlimRoast Optimum stacks nutrients together to truly give you the most for your money! Combining several mental and cognition boosting ingredients makes SlimRoast a true coffee powerhouse that is sure to be life changing. The coffee in an all-inclusive energy source, appetite suppressor, and detox system that is the perfect addition to your diet.


Some key players in the SlimRoast 

The ingredient list for SlimRoast Optimum is full of amazing vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients sure to provide ample energy and appetite suppressing power to help you reach all of your goals. While there are many great ingredients that help to make SlimRoast Optimum what it is, here are a few of the dynamic ingredients that pack the powerful punch that gives the coffee its greatness.

L-Theanine This amino acid is one of the essential amino acids that we don’t naturally create in our bodies. That being said, without it, we are missing out on incredible antioxidant power that can improve our health and life. L-Theanine is one of the primary additions to SlimRoast Optimum to ensure that you are getting the nutrients you need but can’t make. Allowing you a sharper focus and concentration, L-Theanine can also help you go to sleep and get a more restful night’s sleep.

Garcinia CambogiaThis well-known fat burner has a lengthy history as a weight loss aid. With its thermogenic qualities and appetite suppressing abilities, Garcinia helps to control how much you eat while helping to burn the extra intake you do consume. The addition of Garcinia in SlimRoast Optimum is one of the big reasons that this coffee is set apart from all the rest on the market. 

Chlorogenic AcidDerived from the green coffee bean, this ingredient is a thermogenic, kick starting your metabolism and helping you in your weight management. This fat burning ingredient is the key to this coffee’s metabolism boosting powers. While it isn’t as powerful as caffeine, Chlorogenic Acid provides mental focus and clarity as well as boosted cognitive abilities, outweighing the effects regular coffee can have. Chlorogenic acid also provides anti-inflammatory affects and blocks the absorption of extra carbohydrates.

Ginseng Extract This natural ingredient helps to amplify your mental clarity and fight the toxins we face each and every day that can age us tremendously. Ginseng combats the effects from the free radicals in the air, letting us feel and look younger longer.

What is Dynamine?

Dynamine is the hot new ingredient added in the new SlimRoast Optimum formula that is setting it apart from any other coffee. This fast acting and natural ingredient increases energy while maintaining your focus, preventing those jitters that are all too often found with other energy drinks and coffee with extra supplements. Dynamine is a derivative of xanthines, which are the family of compounds that caffeine is found in.

This pure alkaloid is found in the kucha tea leaf and is different from its family of compounds in that is is able to activate dopamine receptors that can amplify your mood and attention. Alone, dynamine is a wonderful quick boost of energy and clarity, but combined with other aids and supplements, can be a true game changer!

Why does Dynamine change the game?

Dynamine is fast acting, meaning you will feel a refreshed sense of energy quickly after drinking your SlimRoast Optimum, but you will remain attentive and have a wider attention span than usual. The great thing about dynamine is that it is short lived, meaning you can drink this any time of day without the fear of it keeping you up at night and creating a vicious cycle of sleeplessness and induced insomnia like you can see in other energy aids.

Once you add dynamine with the other great ingredients in SlimRoast Optimum, you will experience an amazing boost, unlike any other. Dynamine also blocks adenosine reception, reducing the lethargic effect that adenosine, a compound produced by activity, can have on your body.

When we sleep, our body breaks down adenosine, which attributes to the refreshed feeling we have when we wake up. We are alert and not dragged down. Those feelings are brought in when adenosine builds up throughout time. With dynamine, less of that adenosine is received, so you don’t have that effect and you instead continue feeling refreshed and alert without the jitters.

Other xanthines are often combined with dynamine, like in SlimRoast Optimum, where they are able to work together to truly give you the most out of a product.

When these are combined, you feel a bigger punch of energy and productive results than either ingredient alone. Many of the xanthines are longer lasting that dynamine, so combining them gives you fast action with long lasting results, making it easy to take on the day, any day.

SlimRoast Optimum is the game changing coffee that is storming the world. Dynamine is that powerful ingredient setting it further than any other coffee on the market, making it more energetic and stronger at helping you manage your weight. This potent instant coffee is truly unmatched by any other slimming coffee out there.

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