What are Brain Bears?

what are brain bears

What is Brain Bears? Get Ready for a Revolution in Fun, Nutritional Candy

Brain Bears were officially launched October, 2016. My Daily Choice is the Network Marketing company which created them.

My Daily Choice offers the first-to-market and complete natural supplement for Brain Health, called Brain Fuel Plus and now a children’s version, called Brain Bears.

Brain Bears are Gluten free and Sugar free. Active ingredients are:


*DMAE Bitartrate

*Grape Seed Extract

*Magnesium Oxide



*Vitamin D3

brain bear kids


There’s 2.2 Billion children that need a health brain gummy bear such as Brain Bears.

So many children can’t concentrate in school because of their poor diet. . .

Brain Bears can help improve your child’s concentration. . .

If you’d like to look into the Brain Bear Revolution, click the button below for a free tour!


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20 thoughts on “What are Brain Bears?”

  1. Where do I buy them? So far, natural supplements don’t help my guy. But I have done a lot of my own personal research, and I love the things you put in there.
    I have often wondered if this is why I have a son with ADHD, to develop things more for kids with ADHD. Very curious to try Brain Bears. 🙂

    1. Hi Suzanne, you simply take the free tour by clicking the button below this post. It will take you directly into the company where you can order a risk-free bottle of Brain Bears. Thanks for reading!

  2. Hello i’m also with BA I would like to know if I can use or how. Can I make a site like this one with my information please ,tia

    1. Hi Martha, I help people create their own blog. You can visit erikchristianjohnson.com and click the blog consulting tab. You can also use the capture pages BA provides by going to your “My Website Address” tab in your BA dashboard.

  3. How can i order Brain bears?
    i enter some websites: vitaminworld, drugstore. com, luckyvitamin, vitacost,….
    all of them have not this product.

    1. Hi Minh, Brain Bears is a product of a network marketing company, which uses distributors like myself to promote and sell Brain Bears. If you would like to review and purchase brain bears through this site simply click the button which will take you to a free sign up form. Once you fill in the form it will take you directly into the corporate website where you can buy Brain Bears. I hope this helps! Brain Bears is now in over 180 countries and is helping thousands of adults and children. They are a product of Brain Abundance, which is based out of the United States.

      1. i think you should distribute the product by some of website which sell drug and vitamins (vitaminworld, drugstore. com, luckyvitamin, vitacost…).
        It make more effect. More people can buy the product than now. I live in VietNam, and i can’t order the product. it’s too difficult to buy.

  4. I would like to order Brain Bears, but where do I go to order it? Everywhere I go nobody has it. Please let me know

  5. Why can I no longer find these anymore they so helped my toddler with anxiety no I don’t know what to do for him. Will they ever be available again?????

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